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Products from wood, carved wood, carved decorations

The main line of business of our company “Violart” (Voronezh, Russia) is manufacturing various made-to-order woodwork as well as wood carvings and selling them to the customers.

Our production is not only popular and highly demanded in our region, but we also manufacture and ship our wooden products to different parts of Russia and the world.

Woodwork or household items made of wood has always been very popular and important in human history. The first hunting tools and dishes, as well as the first wheel and plow, not to mention the first solid and warm shelter were built from wood.

Despite the fact that a tree has no soul we believe it carries a special type of energy that you can feel by touching the warm and soft surface of any wooden item, it will fill you with harmony and peace. It’s very important especially in our days when most of the household items surrounding us are made of plastic or other artificial materials. A tree is eternal, like all our Nature and woodwork will always stay in trend and help people to make their houses warm and cozy.

You can browse our catalogs and other sections of the site and easily pick or order the right product from wood for yourself, and we will produce and ship it in the shortest time.

You can check the catalogues on our website to pick and order the item of your choice and we will make and ship it to you as soon as possible.

Wish a successful journey to the World of wood carving!

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