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Box for a historical book

Box made of wood for a gift edition of a book on a historical theme. Sample performed for the book "Russia. Great destiny" - oak, semi-matt lacquer

(Code: 72201)
Box made of wood for a gift edition of a historical book. It can be used in two versions - desktop and mounted (on-wall).
As a sample, the pictures show a box made to order for the book "Russia. A great destiny". It may also be suitable for another gift edition with a historical theme.
the version in the photo is oak, semi-matt lacquer, toning-light walnut, patinating in the main tone.
The book box can be made to order in any required size and from other types of wood with other finishing options, including tinting, applying tinting patina including silver or gold color.
For obvious reasons, it is not recommended to order the finishing of book boxes with oil-coated wood.
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