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There are presented a wide range of carved frames for the universal use for framing a paintings, works of art, stylish mirrors, clocks, pictures and photos. Define the geometric shape of the attachment frame, and then navigate to the subkey that corresponds to the shape of a carved frame. Also useful will be the information about the possibility to manufacturing the carved frames to order.

Carved wood frames for mirrors, paintings, pictures and photos

Wood carved frames

Whether it be a painting, whether it is a rare wall tapestry, whether it's artwork - if they are all framed in a stylish frame then will get a different look and will draw the eye.

Every mirror requires a beautiful frame. In a harmoniously chosen frame the collage and photos have a different looks.

It should be noted that any of the carved wooden frames can be painted in desired color finish giving the layer a matte or glossy surface. It all depends on the interior and the appointment of a carved frame and the personal preferences of the owner.

But if you save the texture image of a wood of valuable kinds from which made the frame - it will look noble and stylish. Such a frame will never be confused with a frame made in a pipelined manner with applied embossed polymer layer. And in all - a real carved work, if it manufactured by the wizard with the soul, will always look noble.

Carved wood frames on order

You can choose from our catalog any model of the carved wood frame for your needs, fill out the order form, specifying the size of the attachment or the external dimensions of the frame, and send the order to us. We will consider options and will contact with you by the method that you choose for further details of the order.

In addition, you can order the production of any carved wood frame if it not presented in our catalogue. To do this, in a letter to the order send us pictures, drawings or sketches required carvings (carved frame). Designers of Art-studio "3D.style" will be able to transform your wishes into a computer model. Our production capacity allows to produce the required carved wooden frame, which in the following will please both your eyes and the eyes of your guests and friends.

Manufacturing of carved wooden frames in Russia. Delivery in any point of world.