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Carved pictures

Carved wood decorations - carved panels and carved pictures of wood. The wood carvings goods (carved panels and carved pictures) are manufactured by way of carving can acquire a complete view on the customer's choice - finished with oil and wax, polished with different degrees of gloss, patinated, gilded, toned, painted in color. Made with the possibility of mounting on the wall or for setting on a horizontal surface (desk, nightstand, etc.) on a stylish carved base. Other options finishing to order.

Carved wood panels and picturess for home interior

Carved wood items - carved panels and paintings

Any carved item - whether carved panels, whether carved picture, whether mounted on the table a statuette of wood - all it will add beauty to the interior and emphasize subtle sense of style of the owner. All the decorative carved woodwork brings warmth and comfort.

Many of the typical decorative carved wood panels and pictures which are presented in this section of the catalogue are available in stock and can be delivered to anywhere of world. If the currently selected typical size are not available in stock then it will be produced immediately after your decision about the order.

Finishing of the carved panels or paintings can be very different. There are toned and (or) patinated carvings, covered with a special oil and wax, there are can be varnished with different degrees of gloss the decorative wood products.

In some cases the carved panels or picture can be transferred to the customer without finishing. It's all on your choice.

Carved wood panels and pictures to order

If you have viewed our catalog, and you liked any model of the carved panels or pictures, but requires the manufacture on special individual needs, or with other dimensions, different from standard, then you can write the inquiry form to describe your needs and send to our address or you can call and discuss the order with our manager in person.

We will discuss options and will contact with you specified in the letter way.

If you need to make a panel or picture on the your drawings, models or photographs, then also write that in the order form, attach the files you want to produce and send the letter. 

Designer group of the Art-studio 3D.style can design any carvings, bas-relief or painting according the your photo or drawing.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to execute the order in reasonably quick time.