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Panels Horses

Carved wood panels and pictures with horses adds to the interior the strength, beauty and grace inherent in these incredible creatures of the animal world

Paintings, bas-reliefs, sculptures, carved panels with horses has always been considered one of the most valuable, the most beautiful and attractive elements of interior decoration and architecture.

This is not surprising. Horses - its incredibly interesting fauna creation. Just a cursory glance at any image in the plot which the horse is present - at once will feel the unique natural beauty, power and grace of this creature.

At the time, only the aristocracy, kings and dukes could afford very expensive statues or paintings depicting horses. Not everyone woodcarver not every artist or sculptor was on forces to convey the beauty of the horse. Therefore, each a work of art with horses has always been expensive.

The carved panels depicting horses, range which is presented in this section of the catalog - is a kind of selection, considering that hard on something immediately to stop. They are all beautiful. Such pictures-panno would like to have in interior all at once.