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Carved wood panel "Love and tenderness"

Wooden carved panels represents the Tenderness and Love. Carved panels reflects the deep feelings experienced by each person. Mount on the wall. Custom

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This is a beautiful stylized panels lyrically named as "Love and tenderness" carved from solid wooden will be a good gift for a loved one. Possible customization with two-sided thread pattern. This can be additionally ordered a carved decorative bracket for mounting such panels on a desk, bedside table or other horizontal surface.
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The plot of this carved wooden panel represents the Tenderness and Love and reflects the deep feelings experienced by each person.

- Ivanovskaya, 08.01.2017
Получила в подарок это панно и хочу выразить благодарность и восхищение талантом разработчиков и производителей модели. Великолепное качество изготовления и модель изумительная. Такая экспрессия. Бесконечная страсть и безграничная нежность. Отличная работа! Молодцы!

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