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Icons Of Jesus Christ

Icons Of Jesus Christ
Carved icons and wood pictures with the image of the Savior of mankind - Jesus Christ. Carved icons will produced to order to the required sizes and finishes

Icons of Jesus Christ are the most common among all the icons. They take first place in the iconostasis in the temple and in the home of every believer.

Icons with the image of the Almighty have a miraculous power. They radiate peace and grace. Icons with the image of Christ the Saviour are a kind of bridge between the Divine world and the world of ordinary people.

The face of Jesus Christ in icons is a symbol of faith for Christians. These icons - and a huge raised banners, and the little amulets, they all have a miraculous power. The image of a Christ protects, prevents, heals.

Icons with the image of the Saviour is represented in numerous variety. Traditional icons - the icons are painted on canvas, paper, wood. And there are icons carved out of wood, carved skillfully, with love and great precision - they will be a worthy decoration of your home iconostasis.

Dimensions are scaled to the required

The 3D models and drawings available in our collection are scaled up and down. Accordingly, products made on the basis of three-dimensional models can be increased or reduced to a reasonable size.

If the code table size is not specified the required size, then You can send a request to our address or call the Contacts phone numbers. We will consider your request and reply convenient way for you.

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