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Icons of The Virgin

Icons of The Virgin
Carved icons of the Virgin - icons of wood with the image of the greatest of all Christian saints the Virgin Mary, earthly mother of Jesus Christ. On request

Icon of the virgin, along with icons of Jesus Christ are Central icons in the iconostasis of each. The blessed mother is the patroness and protector, Comforter and intercessor. All people of the world worship the Holy Bragadiru and admire her.

Mother of God should be placed in the corner and then all the trouble will bypass Your house party. Hanging icon of the blessed virgin over the babys crib Youre sure your child will be under her Holy protection.

Image of Virgin diverse. It is difficult to distinguish the most revered icon. The icon of the Kazan mother of God icon of the don Mother of God, the icon of the Theotokos, the icon of the Mother of God "vsetsaritsa" and many others - they all help praying in difficult life situations, facilitate disease, help you gain confidence in yourself.

Light of prayer before the carved icons of the Defender and the comfort girls, presented in this section will help you in your endeavors.

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The 3D models and drawings available in our collection are scaled up and down. Accordingly, products made on the basis of three-dimensional models can be increased or reduced to a reasonable size.

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