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Quality carved products. Approaches in the organization of production, Violart company. The moisture content of wood blanks. Safe finishing materials

A description of the quality:

Products are made from quality wood with a moisture content below 12%.
To reduce internal tentions in the material used for the production of massive clearance of goods procurement of pre-glued in the joiner's shield with a quality selection of the structure and pattern of fibers.

For manufactured products, the following gradations of quality:

  • carved product, polished and treated with a special coating
  • the product is carved, polished, but requiring coating
  • carved product, requiring subsequent grinding and coating
What we do not do?
  1. We do not use the approach to work according to the principle "Money does not smell"
  2. We do not work at a loss, however, the pricing is not laying the super-profitability of production
  3. We do not undertake bookings intermediaries that use the sandwich gluing elements that mimic an array of precious wood, but having a cheap "core"
  4. We don't use in production of wet nedosushennye wood, which under the right conditions of use may lead to subsequent cracking and warpage of the finished product
  5. We do not undertake orders that will not be to satisfy the customer for quality products
  6. We do not use any wood, no finishing or packaging materials that may harm the health of employees, consumers and (or) environment

These advantages and description of quality indicators declared on this page are part of the technical conditions of production, which are accepted as basic guarantees and conditions of the agreement, and thatViolart company LTD, wich representing the Internet-shop of the World carved style 3D.style, shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.