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Items patination

Items patination
Methods and materials for patinating manufactured products made of wood, polyurethane and other materials


The word "Patina" comes from the Italian "patina". In the classical definition the word "Patina" is a thin layer or coating on the surface of copper and copper alloys formed during their oxidation. But, over time, the word "patina" has a wider meaning, and came into use including as an artificially applied colorant layer or dye on a variety of materials-metal, wood, plastics, etc.

In the process of finishing goods made of solid wood patina is applied with different purposes: to make the product look aged, to enhance the contrast of the texture of wood, to give a contrast to the carved relief pattern, decorative grooves, fillets, etc. Some items with smooth or curved surface decorative decorate with patina, creating a gradient tonal transition at the borders of these surfaces.

As a rule, in cases where its use makes sense, patina gives the product a more beautiful appearance and emphasizing (contrasting) the nature of the differences in depth and height of the carved pattern, gives the appearance of deeper relief forms. As a rule, patination is performed in a lighter or darker shade from the base tone of the surface, but, in some cases - it can be gilding, and silvering, and applying coloring materials of other colors that differ in color from the color of the main surface. It all depends on individual preferences and design intent.

You can travel through the pages of our website and find a variety of applications of patination, which we apply during the finishing of manufactured products made of wood, polyurethane and other materials.

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