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Welcome to the 3D-World of wood carving!


Carved moldings and framing mouldings, carved wood casing on doors and windows with the raised decorative carvings. Platband on interior doors and partitions. Frames for decorating of fireplaces and other interior elements. Frames with a decorative pattern carved on the wood on vector and raster pictures.

A variety of carved casing made of solid wood and MDF for universal application and arrangement of houses, baths, saunas and other structures.

Dimensions are scaled to the required

The 3D models and drawings available in our collection are scaled up and down. Accordingly, products made on the basis of three-dimensional models can be increased or reduced to a reasonable size.

If the code table size is not specified the required size, then You can send a request to our address or call the Contacts phone numbers. We will consider your request and reply convenient way for you.

Check prices with our manager please!
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