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Ornaments of mouldings

This section presents samples of three-dimensional ornaments for use as the main pattern for carved wood mouldings, carved baguettes for furniture decoration, baguettes for the manufacture of carved frames for paintings and for other purposes.
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Examples of carved ornaments for frame mouldings.

Ornament - the main figure of three-dimensional carving

This section presents samples of three-dimensional carved decorative ornaments, which can be used as the basic drawings of three-dimensional carving on moldings, for use as a three-dimensional carved pattern on baguettes carved frames, for decorative elements of the furniture, door and window, frames, portals of home fireplaces, as well as for the implementation of other creative ideas.

Considering these samples of ornaments for the carved products, it should be taken into account that in most cases - it is not the final product, but only part of it. Ordering the production of decorative products, You can focus on the fact that any favorite carved pattern (ornament) can serve as a decorative basis for the desired product.

The area occupied by the basic three-dimensional pattern, in many cases can only be part of the area of the final product. The final product can also be combined from several ornaments or supplemented with other decorating elements, fillets, decorative profiles, straight or rounded facets, etc.

The result is a product of Your creative idea, which we will help to materialize using the wood.

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An example of application of three-dimensional ornament

These two pictures will serve as an illustration of the use of carved ornament. At the request of the customer, a carved oak fireplace portal is made for it. As the base of the ornament selected Carved moulding-040 with inexpensive simplified detailing of the carved pattern, without grinding and finishing.

About the price on framing mouldings

These prices are the basic prices for one linear meter of the product with a width of 20 mm for a specific sample. You can change the parameters and see the new calculated price.