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Patterned moldings

Milled wooden platbands, moldings for the frames, decorative onlays and moldings from solid wood with various stylish patterns and ornaments

Mouldings with engraved pattern (ornament)

One of the compromise decisions when there is a desire to decorate Windows, doors, portals of fireplaces or other elements of the room carved platbands, but the budget for production of such decorative elements is limited, is option of drawing on a wood or MDF of the carved engraved decorative drawing instead of expensive full-relief 3D carving on a tree. In some cases, this option may be exactly the right solution that will not make disharmony in the overall style of the room.

The choice of finishing option in terms of the color tone of the wood coating, its preliminary of brashing the wooden texture, additional patination of the texture and engraved relief and the choice of the degree of gloss of the applied varnish depends on you. We know that any product manufactured by us is beautiful in its own way, but the final version should correspond to your vision of the result. In the photo above are a few examples of such execution platbands with engraved pattern.