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Carved pattern detailing

Carved pattern detailing
Description of detail gradations of carved pattern (milling, high detail pattern, micro-detailing).

Carved pattern detailing

The option "pattern Detailing" allows you to select the desired milling option, in which the contrast of small carved elements for a particular carved product will be optimal and sufficient. For example, for panels and paintings of large size does not require high detail, and, at the same time, for example, crosses or master models for casting silver, gold and other metals require the highest kontrasnyh elements at the level of microdetalization.

In most cases, for panels, paintings, icons and other carved products, the choice of the usual (classical) detailing will be sufficient. But, if you want to order the same panel or icon of small or very small size, you will likely need to choose the option of high detail, or even a very high micro-detail of the carved pattern. In this case, small elements will be cut with higher contrast and will stand out on the product more clearly.

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