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Items sanding

Gradations of quality and ways of grinding of the made products from a wood, polyurethane and other materials

Items sanding

Grinding (sanding) is one of the mandatory stages in the production of wood products and other materials. In the course of mechanical and manual grinding, the pile formed in the process of cutting wood is removed, traces from the cutting tool (cutting cutter) are removed to the required level, the required smoothness of the surface (roughness) is achieved, and in the case of additional manual finishing, the carved pattern is brought to the required accuracy and excess wood is removed in places that are inaccessible to the cutting tool during mechanical cutting.

In cases where the product has large dimensions, as a rule, increased requirements for the quality of grinding are not applied, and are limited to light mechanical grinding.

For products which as a result should have a picture with a small relief, or small carved details, or dimensions of a product rather small, higher requirements to grinding are established-the combined mechanical and manual grinding with the parameter "High grinding"is applied.

If you need a very high detail of the carved pattern or in the relief there are places inaccessible by the cutting tool - a complex mechanical and manual grinding with manual finishing is used. For this purpose the option "Grinding with manual finishing" is applied.

However, in almost all cases, the customer has the opportunity to choose the option "no grinding" and perform it yourself after gluing or final Assembly of the product. As a rule, it concerns cases of the order of a carved decor or other elements in the form of a semi-finished product.

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