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Items tinting

Methods and materials for tinting manufactured products made of wood, polyurethane and other materials.

Wood tinting

Tinting (toning) of wood allows you to emphasize the texture pattern, to imitate exotic species of wood, to give the product a color that meets your taste, and a harmonious combination of different colors and shades makes the interior unique.

The traditional way to give the wood the right color is to impregnate the wood with stain. In this case, the sanded and dust-free wooden surface is covered with a coloring agent, which gives it a different shade, while leaving visible the texture of the wood. As a result of impregnation with stain, the product acquires a higher contrast of the texture pattern, the required color shade and a complete look.

Change the tone of wood (including wood covered with stains) and allows the use of colored oils. The product, covered with oil impregnations, is valued for its environmental friendliness and aesthetic appearance. Unlike varnishes, oils do not form a gloss layer on the surface, but also protect wood products from moisture and external influences. It should be noted that the oil is not combined with varnishes and penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood, and its use means that you will forever abandon the varnish on this coating.

The most commonly used base color stains

The most commonly used base color stains

Over the years, our experts have tested a variety of materials for tinting wood, various stains and other tinting dyes, and, as experience has shown, in recent years, we have almost completely switched to the line of stains from the company Rener. A wide range of colors and other factors led us to the materials from this manufacturer.

The picture shows the basic colors of stains produced by Renner with samples of stains on oak.

The options presented are options with saturated toner application. The combination of basic colors and the amount of application of the toning material allows you to get a variety of options for finishing toning pigment and give the painted wood the desired color.

Different types of wood have their characteristic individual color shades and texture contrast, different density (hardness) and their characteristic ability to absorb toning pigments. Even oak, which grows in Southern and Northern latitudes, differs in tone. Accordingly, as a result of tinting different materials, the resulting shade may differ. But, nevertheless, the qualified application and combination of various stains allows to give even the cheapest material beautiful shades of rare noble breeds of a tree.

Color selection for the manufactured product

There are times when you want to pick up the tinting material and make a product of wood for a room where there is already furniture or other items made of wood. Our experts will apply all their knowledge and skills in order to choose a shade that will result in a harmonious combination of colors, including selection by using the photo. But, you need to understand that the photo in any case does not accurately convey the color scheme, the value of gloss and other details. The result will be only close in tone. If you want the maximum combination of our manufactured products in tone with the existing interior items, the best result can be obtained if you deliver us at the time of finishing some small easily removable element from the interior.

Option - Without tinting

The option of finishing without tinting is selected in cases where it is required to preserve the texture and color of a particular wood species without changes, or in cases where the product is applied to a covering colored enamel coating or it is made in the form of a semi-finished product, such as carved decor, elements of stairs, etc.

Additional information on options of toning

Typical options of tinting are taken into account in the proposed options on the pages of the order of products. Select the available preferred option from the drop-down list and we will take your choice into account during the finishing of the manufactured product.

But, if you need to make a product with some special finishing option, then you can easily do it by clicking the "Send request" button. In this case, the feedback form window will open. Specify in the letter the details of your order. We will send you an offer.