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Plywood cutting by milling

Page for checkout process for cutting plywood, figure 2D cutting plywood, cutting plywood by milling. The execution of cutting in Voronezh. Worldwide shipping

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Picture - Plywood cutting by milling
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Picture - Plywood cutting by milling Picture - Plywood cutting by milling
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Mill cutting plywood on the CNC machines. Curly contour cutting and plywood cutting by milling subsequent to manufacturing of frame shapes, furniture, interior elements and decorative items of a sheet plywood of different brands.
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Price: 30.00 RUB per meter of cutting
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Figured 2D-cutting of materials. Cutting plywood by milling

Services of cutting materials in Voronezh. 2D-cutting plywood by milling method. Welt panel on order. Plywood milling with drawing pictures and text

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Какие изумительные витражи из фанеры. Просто кружево.
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