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The methods, terms and conditions of packing, shipment and delivery made carvings and other goods from the online store 3D.style to the buyer


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About the delivery of goods from online store

Shipping Russian Post Courier service Pickup

Acquired from the online store "The world of style carved 3D.style" goods are delivered to the place specified by the buyer at time of purchase, in various ways.

As a rule, the most popular delivery service is the "Russian Post". But, when the restrictions on the dimensions of the postal item, the overall goods sent by transport companies.

If the buyer is limited in time, when ordering you must specify the alternative service delivery.

Price (including, if necessary, with insurance included) and the estimated length of stay of the goods in transit are calculated automatically eDost.ru service and are reflected in the user interface when you select the method of delivery.

Goods are delivered to any place in Russia and abroad.

Chance Pickup and delivery for courier Voronezh, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Belgorod and Kursk regions.

Before sending the goods are packed in soft packaging to avoid damage during shipping.

You can choose the delivery company

Production in Russia. Worldwide shipping.

EMS Russian Poste DHL PickPoint SPSR-Express UPS Boxberry

Dimensions are scaled to the required

The 3D models and drawings available in our collection are scaled up and down. Accordingly, products made on the basis of three-dimensional models can be increased or reduced to a reasonable size.

If the code table size is not specified the required size, then You can send a request to our address or call the Contacts phone numbers. We will consider your request and reply convenient way for you.

Check prices with our manager please!