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Solidwood materials

Solidwood materials
Description of solid wood materials used for the production of wood products. Tree species. Carpenter's wood

Solidwood materials

Products can be made at the customer's choice from solid wood of different species or sheet lumber.

This option allows you to select from the following list:

  • Beech
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Marble
  • Walnut
  • Pear
  • Linden
  • Pine
  • Larch
  • Cedar

When ordering a product (product), you must select the type of material from the drop-down list from the table.

The most popular types of wood we have taken into account and summarized in the table of proposals for a particular product. But, if you need to make a product from a material that is not in the selection list, then you can easily do it by clicking the "Custom order" button.

In this case, the feedback form window will open. Specify in the letter the details of your order. We will send you an offer quickly enough.

Additional consultation

If in the process of choosing a particular option you have any questions-we recommend to consult a specialist by calling.

You can also request information through the request form. It is available on every page of the site. To do this, just click on the "Send request" button and formulate a question. Specialists of the company will help you quickly enough.

Dimensions are scaled to the required

The 3D models and drawings available in our collection are scaled up and down. Accordingly, products made on the basis of three-dimensional models can be increased or reduced to a reasonable size.

If the code table size is not specified the required size, then You can send a request to our address or call the Contacts phone numbers. We will consider your request and reply convenient way for you.

Check prices with our manager please!