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At the specified phones you can always call to clarify the issue of stock specified in the directory for the solution of a question on possibility of placing of the order, to consult a qualified professional.

In the blog published some of the work done by production group 3D.style (Violart company)

Main customers and partners of the Violart manufacturig company. Among them the known large customers. woodworking companies-subcontractors, installers, Studio of modern design, the partners-the developers of three-dimensional models.

The main core areas of the Violart company (online-brand 3D.style) are:

  • the production of carved products for the home, offices, offices, public premises
  • production of carved Assembly of elements used in construction and joinery
  • high-tech manufacturing of furniture
  • develop 2D and 3D models for CNC machines

The main production company Violart organized at a high quality multi-axis CNC machines and ensures high processing quality and dimensional precision of the products.

We produce a wide range of wood carved products:

- carved Souvenirs, panels, elements of heraldry (coats of arms, cartouches, and other), photo frames, carved icons, and other items of a religious cult

- carved items for home, office cabinets, offices, public premises

- carved Assembly elements used in construction and joinery

The company has a production resource for the production of carved furniture and decor, carved doors, wooden stairs, gazebos.

The main production Violart company located in the heart of the Central Chernozem region - in the city-the cradle of the Russian fleet in Voronezh.

Here over three hundred years ago was born the construction of the fleet, which brought fame to the Russian State, and there founded the tradition of carved craftsmanship.

Carved items still adorn many of the historic buildings.

Of course, modern technologies differ from those clever technologies which were used before in the construction of ships and wooden buildings.

As a consequence of the evolution of technology, the current production of the company Violart organized at a high quality multi-axis CNC machine tools of high hardness and provides high machining quality and dimensional accuracy of products.

The quality and exquisite beauty of our products to please our consumers and us. Each carved form is a part of the soul.